Reels view?

Is there anyway to stop Flame switching to Reels view, or at least be able to choose what the swipe mode selects?

Its only something i have noticed in the last few versions of Flame, and its really annoying. Reels seems to disable my broadcast output and only plays back audio.

Its mad that i have to switch to a player view before i can see a moving image…especially when i was in the right modes just moments before hitting play!


Try turning off swipe in prefs/user

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Hi John,

but swipe is useful in other situations!

its just this behaviour of bringing up Reels view - i don’t recall ever having this problem before.

I’ve just had another look at your problem and on my system I don’t see a switching into reels view on a swipe. My switch always goes to the last selected view. (freeform in my case)

Try creating a new user and see if it fixes the issue.

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Thanks for confirming that, John.
I think you’re right about creating a new user as next option.

Yeah Im not sure what you’re experiencing as I’m not familiar with that. I’d follow @johnag 's advice.

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Also check in Preferences/Broadcast Monitor that ‘Show Clip on Selection’ is turned on so that you can play picture from reels.
Swipe is a selectable thing, so it goes from Player to whatever you last selected. So go to reels, select freeform or whatever and then the swipe toggles to that thing rather than the other thing.

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Wise words…thanks everyone


done both of those and it seems to be working correctly again!