Relinking Batch after source media moved

I feel a little lost when it comes to relinking media, especially with batch. I archived a project but this time didn’t cache media. I have been working uncached, so I figured I didn’t need to cache when archiving because when I restore anything from the archive I’d just point the sources to the media.
Oh how wrong I was :man_facepalming:

When I right click on a source in the batch window and choose relink through media hub, I can choose the clip, but it forgets the in and out points and show the whole clip, not just the 59 frames I was using.

When I was originally creating the batch, I had a timeline with 10 layers that I conformed from the edit. I consolidated the handles to the 59 frames I needed, then matched each of those clips to the batch.
When restoring, I think I was able to relink the timeline with those layers (unlinking, then choosing the new search location), but doing that doesn’t carry through to batch.

I’ve only added Flame to my toolbox in the last few years and have been slowing trying to work it into our larger workflow of an Adobe shop and resolve for color. While I feel like I understand how flame wants to work with the managed media workflow and caching when you archive. The nuances of how flame sees that media and links to it is where I’m hitting the wall.

I feel like I’m learning the hard way with flame that I can’t just grab a project file choose relink media and point it to when the media got moved to like I can with Adobe stuff or resolve. (or if I can I can’t figure out how).


  • select the clip from the batch schematic.
  • open it as a sequence.
  • conform it.
  • open your batch group.

thank you so much for laying that out for me @philm!!! that was it.

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I have one follow up question.
As I relinked to the media, Flame would say it was a duplicate file and ask to replace or add. When I replaced, it didn’t seem to link correct, but when I add as new media, it relinked to my 59 frames correctly, but also added the full clip along side the original in the batch.

Is that just kind of how it works, then you delete the duplicate clips from the batch?

Not sure if this is part of it, but some of the clips in this batch are from the same source, so it already had some duplicate file names (but different timecode) in the batch

@dave - sorry brother, i was on the telephone.
let me DM you.

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Remember in the pre-ae days you would load a batch or action and if you had the media on the desktop it would just connect: I can never get this to work with the batch groups. Am I missing a step?

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@johnt - I realize that I’m not being helpful when I point out that I use an unmanaged workflow so this happens less frequently.
To be clear, unmanaged does not mean that there is no management or structure, in fact it would be cavalier to leave frames, clips or sequences ‘UNTITLED’ like we did in the old days…

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