Render issues

I am getting some really strange render issues where the UI is in the main player and curious if anyone knows what this is from maybe graphics card failing or something? Here is a picture of what is happening it just renders the UI in the player which is super weird and not really appreciated.


This is a known issue, discussed here, fixed in 2022.3.

considering I am running 22.3 this hasn’t been fixed.


Perfect delivery


hey @fredwarren considering I am still getting this UI issue in 22.3 is there someone I can reach out to or alert to this issue ?

Since this is an issue with a release version please contact support.

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It’s like feedback. It ought to be a feature.

cool thanks fred, case has been opened.

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It’s a sadly common bug, that started within flame 22.2, thought they fixed it in 22.3.

It must happen within one action. To temporally fix it for a clean rendering for now at least, you need to find the corrupt actionlayer and change the transparency. once and back. You have to redo this step every time this d*** bug is starting. Extremly annoying in lager setups.

As an update the dev team was able to reproduce the issue and are on the case, thanks everyone