Resize/crop to HD


would like to resize/crop some shots(landscape photos with a still duration of 2:18) to HD/16x9. Actually they are 3072 x 2048 @ 8-bit (1.5)

Therefore I changed to

  • “Letterbox” under Resizing (in Effects)
  • changed the AR to 1.778 under Source (in Effects)

These changes are immediately reflected/shown in Effects(Thumbs/Icons) if “Show Storyboad Reel” is activated.

But even the Timeline is 1280 x 720 @ 8bit (1.778) as well the first clip in the Reel,
Option/right-click still shows 3072 x 2048 @ 8-bit (1.5)…


  • What I am doing wrong?
  • should this resizing be done before Splice Selected to a Seqences Reel ?

Thank you very much!

I’m not sure if I’m understanding you. Nothing is wrong. Option click is showing the original resolution because resize is a soft effect (into your 1280x720 timeline) .

I you want perform an “actual” or commited resize , use resize module in tools tab, or apply the resize in a batch using the resize node and render them.


If you are going to do this on the desktop, using a timeline, then you are going to be limited by the resolution of the timeline. Use an HD Sequence as your timeline and all clips dropped into this timeline will be forced into this resolution with or without your input.

Do you want to create a timeline or are you just wanting to convert the shots? You can do this in batch and be in a completely resolution agnostic environment.

Thank’s for the feedback! Really didn’t know that. But what is the advantage of such a soft resize, if this resize effect is not really applied to the shots in that reel? That the original footage is not altered?

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Yes. It’s a good policy to me and I agree with that. If you want to do an fx, it’s always better to work on the original resolutions. They will ask for a higher resolution version sooner or later, or change the reframing, and you will already have the job done. I always try to work on the original resolutions even with some performance penalty.

If you are interested in using final resolution, for speed reasons, you can apply a resize node at the beginning of the batch or bfx, and procces it.

For the rest of timeline fx, in the internal workflow, resize is applied first, and then your timeline effect (except for bfx)

Even with these reasons, it may be more practical to work on the final resolutions, you can select in media hub the resolution interpretated by flame, conforming or just ingesting the footage.