What if resize/crop to 1.778 does remove too much from the scenery?


in order to make my footage (photos with 1.5 AR, importet with still duration 2:18) HD conform,
a resize is needed. Unfortunately cropping them to 1.778 does remove too much of the scenery :frowning:

Whould it not be possible to add some black at the left and right side of each shot and to add a
timewarp between the shots/segments so that the black phase is not too long during reply?
Or are better solutions for that problem available?

Thank’s in advance!


there are a lot of ways you can resize “letterbox” should be the right one for getting black bars, and you can just drag a still frame as long as you want on the timeline?

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As @finnjaeger says, no need to add a TW. You can just extend any still frame. The same goes for black space but making a sequence that goes still frame, black, still frame, black is a little fiddly.

I don’t have a great solution for you but you will find this helpful - Shortcut to select head/tail extender widgets

I would probably do a combination of extending with ripple on and then shortening with ripple off. That way you can control the length of the photo and then trim to control the length of black.

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Is this the right way to add the black frames?

→ Reel → right click → New → Colour Source → Black → Duration

That would work. Also just having a gap in your timeline creates black