Rotating cube uv track

Hi all

I’m trying to figure out something - I’ve built this thing for a well known brand and the gag is there’s a cube which has the bg plate so it’s invisible. It rotates around and reveals the logo. All is fine. All is built. However when I throw the batch setup onto a new canvas size for a social edit, my axes expressions are messed up. I tried to use UVs but the cube tries to squeeze the whole bg plate onto it. Gif and setup attached. ANy pointers would be greatfully (64.9 KB)

What happens if you prepare the batch setup and then copy and paste the hero build into there? I’ve found that workaround has got me out of some aspect ratio change issues.
Or build the new aspect ratio output into the one that works maybe?


@La_Flame’s uv projection track that was discussed a while back? Don’t have the link handy though…

1 Like (42.8 KB) Maybe this could work for you. It seems like the aspect ratio keeps changing when you go from 1920x1080 to something else. I have an axis expression set up so that it can reset a 500x500 “cube” off set back to -250 in Z.
I love this kind of stuff. I know you have deadlines to get it out the door. But if I have the time I can play around and try to build something that can work or almost work for all the deliverables.

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Hi Brian. Many thanks for looking at this. To be honest the stuff has delivered but it’s something I’m trying to understand how it works for the future. My brief to myself was to make it work for all canvas sizes. If you want to play further and share your thoughts that would be amazing.

Basically it’s for the new Unilever device so at some point, I’m sure we will all have to stick it on an advert and annoy a creative director spoiling their art.

There is something satisfying about solving this kind of stuff. Especially when you’re in a tight fix at a later date and you apply it. No one else gives a shit but at least you get to go to the pub earlier.

Cracked it - with geometry - the old divide by (70.8 KB)

This is very true. Glad you figured it out. I will take a look at what you did when I get some time.