Rounded Corners

Hey People, is there a quick way to round corners , like the photoshop way, in flame ? I find myself drawing gmasks and shaping corners manually …. Especially for phone screen comps.

yes…if you make the shape using 3d Shape in Action, then you can round the edge using the add soften button. It defaults to 100px so dial it back and you’ll get a soft curve.

i show how at 43.29mins on this video…


:raised_hands: Amazing!

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Pre-2022 which is where I believe this was added I did it by shrinking the output of my gmask by the max amount, which is 80 I believe (leave it on single pass). Gives you nice rounded edges. you don’t have nearly as much control but you can resize it back up with a transform and shrink it again (rinse and repeat). Usually 2 of them was perfect for a rounded phone matte.

Another option for rounded corners is the crok_box matchbox. Doesn’t give you a gmask with rounded corners but I’ve found plenty of uses for it if you just quickly need a rounded corner rectangle/square to plug into action.

Tim Farrell’s got a great Round Edge Mask action set up if you search on the Forum


In general, the mask softness trick will get you where you need to go, particularly with phone comps, but this one is more versatile in many ways. It wont get soft as you adjust it.