Gmask square rounded corners

Somewhere I believe is a hotkey that as you draw a gmask square you’ll get rounded corners. Does anyone know what that might be or maybe I’m dreaming?

I have a round corner gmask set-up if you would like. What version are you running?

Awesome! Yes I would love it. I am on 2022.2

Stand by

This is a dropbox link to an archive with a batch. The controls should be self explanatory. This version has not be extensivly road tested yet, so let me know if there are issues


Thank so much Tim! works perfectly

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Tim would you be so kind and give a short hint how to to implement this? I would also being interested to try.

This version was originally meant to simply create a rounded edge matte for graphic use, as opposed to creating a mask for an image, so as such, you don’t see the gmask widget on picture. You could theoretically ungroup the mask engine and plug an image into it, but it might be a bit fiddly to use the controller and still see the widget over picture. Also, gmasks get wonky when you change the aspect ratio of their input after they have been created, so the control values may become unreliable. It is all done with some basic expressions. As I mentioned, this version has not been extensively road tested. Otherwise, I think the controls are rather self explanatory. I have an earlier version that functions more like a traditional gmask, but is less intuitive to operate.

Alternatively you could just use a rectangle setup and add a matte edge and color correct setup to get rounded edges. It’s a bit quick and dirty and obviously doesn’t apply scale/aspect very well but depending on the job it might be an easy solution.

Depending on your need you can also use crok_box to make a square/rectangle with rounded corners.