3D Shape Build Using Hole

Hey There,

Just curious if anyone is having the same experience with Gmasks on a 3D shape. I am trying to build a 3D Shape using several Gmask Ellipses within Action. For example, I add a 3D shape, remove the default axis and Gmask, select my 3D shape and add a Gmask Ellipse. Then, with the same 3D shape selected, I go and add another Gmask Ellipse inside of the first Gmask. Selecting the second Gmask, I go to my Spline settings and select Hole. Both shapes disappear.

This is odd, because using any other Gmask tool works fine in the same process. Using the hole setting on any Gmask Rectangle or Gmask on a Gmask Ellipse works fine as well.

Special Feature, or just me? Running Flame 2022.3 on Linux.

I did find a workaround. If I add softness to the second Gmask spline, then set the offset to zero, the hole is correctly punched through.

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