Rtx 3090


Long time listener, first time caller…
Anyone using an RTX 3090 out there? I stuck one in to one of our assistant boxes that had been running a 2080Ti. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to be using the additional VRAM. I tried to re-install the DKU in case that would help, but no dice. Flame can see the additional VRAM, but it doesn’t use it.

Any thoughts/suggestions/potato salad recipes are greatly appreciated.

You’re all wonderful.

Sorry I don’t have any info for you but I am very interested in this! Have you seen the new 3090ti? It looks like it’s just an A6000 with less VRAM for about $2200. I’m thinking about buying one just to see if it works in Flame.

So interestingly enough… I reached out to someone in the know and they gave me this:

Flame limits the VRAM to 30% of the RAM (Managed) in the eventuality it needs to swap VRAM to RAM. Your workstation has 30Gb of RAM (Managed), so Flame is limited to 10GB of VRAM.

So… now I just need to slam some more DDR4 in there and give it another shot. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Thanks @naveen! I’ve been checking out the Tech Notice videos comparing the 3090 to the TI and I’m really thinking that the TI is a compelling purchase.

Have a great day!