GPU do you?

Hello Hello,

I’m looking at a few things on the hardware horizon and I’m wondering who’s running a 3090 in their box right now? They’re obviously tough to get your hands on, but do they play nicely with Flame? Do you miss anything about your old Quadro card?

At nearly 4x the cost, what are the benefits in running Flame on a Quadro RTX 6000 vs. an RTX 3090? Does anyone have any hands-on experience at comparing the two?

Thanks in advance. You’re wonderful people.


I am curious too!

Naveen :slight_smile: I’m running a titan RTX with 24gb of VRAM on my home setup now and couldn’t be happier. I haven’t experienced the Quadro vs GeForce driver issue that I did experience in the past with my old Titan 12gb which is the pause/lag when adding and cycling through multiple action outputs.