Says It's Cached But Upon Restart It's Not

This often happens. I’ve cached material. Even done a save on the desktop. Upon restarting flame the segments are not cached. They have the outline as if they are in progress but nothing is showing on the BB Manager.
On segment right next to one of the clips that won’t cached is from the same mount.And it stays cached upon restart.

How did you setup your project? Uncompressed/RAW, Uncompressed, ProRes? I had some weird issues like that when I had a project set to ProRes.


I see. Ok yeah I haven’t seen that in Flame with those project settings. Sorry I don’t have an answer!

Definitely experienced this intermittently a lot over the years

I’ve had this a lot recently over the last few months.

Click a clip, flush cache, and re-cache. See if any errors pop up on the console?


And it’s still happening. Not only is it so difficult to cache Red shots that I’ve started converting them to EXRs, that even .mov files from our jobs server are cached then not cached or don’t even cache at all.
Just copied RED file to internal raid. No luck.
Flame 2025 on Linux.