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Would be great to search users. I typed in Andy Dill, and even Andy_dill and nothing came up. if i typed in Andy, Andy davis logik sessions came up as i suspect the search only looks at logik content and not user content?
An example would be i remember Andy said something mildly useful once but i dont remember when, could i search all his posts easily?


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Good news! If you click on the ‘options’ in the bottom right hand corner, there is an option to search by “Posted by”…which, when I type in Andy, I am offered options to find posts by The @andy_dill.

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the best posts.

Hi Theo! I’m replying to say hi, and to check how replies to not-the-end-of-the-thread work (aka reddit style or forum style).

When more people get here, Randy is going to yell at me for posts like this. Haha.

edit: UPDATE: all replies go to the bottom like a forum.

Hey Andy! i hope you are doing well man!
So the replies go to the end of the list you say…?

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Hey, show some respect! I don’t yell. I’m a big fan of more passive-aggressive solutions.


If I fail to say it any other time, thank you Randy (@randy) for making this forum. I am sincerely grateful.

sure thing. baby steps. make sure its great. make it public.