Seeing the latest messages in one string

Hi, I’m wondering if theres a way of seeing the latest messages since last visit in one page? If not then is it possible to have a navigation button to take you back a page when you get to the bottom of a thread. I find it annoying that you have to use the browser back button to do this.

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Hmm. In your Prefs / Interface you could set your homepage to New, or Unread, which will hide everything but New, or Unread.

You could turn on the mailing list mode and use emails for everything.

I’m also trying to recall anything that I’ve come across that describes what you are after and at this point I’m kinda stumped. Is there ever an instance on the web right now that behaves like you want that I can draw upon for inspiration?

A pipe dream would be to install a custom plugin which brings hover and reveal functionality but triples our hosting costs. One day perhaps. One day.

Its just odd that when you’ve just read all the messages in the thread that there is no button to go back a page. The only way is to use the browser back button. Other forum software has something like Return to topic list or similar.

Which forum would be a good one to reference?

I found a button which does the job. Under the heading of this thread if you click on site feedback it takes you back a page

Autodesk forum area has a back to topic list and to be honest I find it easier to navigate. Sorry…

Have a look at the keyboard shortcuts under the hamburger menu. I can load the New posts and use keyboard shortcuts to navigate directly between topics. See if that floats your boat.

Clicking on Site Feedback doesn’t take you back a page. It takes you to a page where only the posts categorized as Site Feedback are shown.

Clicking on the image just above it should do what you are looking for.

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Thanks Randy, the U key is very handy