Selling the green screen comp

I’m doing some interior green screen comps with talent. They look fine. But what can be done to make them really sell? There’s no atmosphere since they’re interior. Lighting seems pretty well matched and the grade helps. But what the last element to really make it seamless?

This isn’t for green screens per se, but, is a list I keep around.

Its probably too sharp.

It probably needs more atmosphere.

It probably needs more motion blur.

It probably needs depth of field.

It probably needs grain.

It probably needs some glow.

It probably needs lens distortion.

It probably needs aberration.

It probably needs exaggerated textures.

It probably needs more grunge.

It probably needs something real to ground it.


Screenshot with talent blurred might help if possible.

Wish I could share but alas no.

Good starting point Randy. Only thing at this point is lighting cues. I can check distortion. Maybe some aberration. What else is there in the atmosphere category?

Atmospheric could be wind, floating dust particles, birds, moving leaves, heat haze, moving clouds, light rays in skies, etc.

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Also any sort of subtle filters or additions that work on the whole comped image. Blooms on highlights, rays from light sources, light wrap, overall color correction…

Don’t forget light glints. Ls glint is great, or glare in action.

I like to throw away or start new when I am in that spot, see if I can get something better, like try a different keyer or different sample area etc


I like to show whispy hair