Sending Archives to Clients

Client is asking for archives of jobs i’ve completed remotely. When I was a staff artist
there was a line item for this where we would charge anywhere between $350-500 per
archive depending on size. Just looked at the AICP website which has a bid form and there
is a line item for archiving. Hence the age old question, what is a fair price? Has there been a
standard rate for Flame artists established for this?

This depends. Who is your client? Don’t need a proper noun. As in, are they a brand, agency, studio, production company, and do they have Flames there?

They are a studio with there own Flames currently doing all work remotely.

Yeah If they want the archive I’d always send it. I wouldn’t charge em explicitly, just say sure thing, I’ll need a half a day to do that for you, or similar.

The AICP thing is more of studios charging agencies, not freelancers charging studios.

Last week, I charged a large agency a half-day to upload an archive

Everyone seemed happy with that👍

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Yeah I’m all for doing clients a favor but these are 10 jobs with about 8TB
of archives. Just feel I have to charge them something especially if I have to buy
a drive.

That is a lot to upload . . . . I’d suggest they messenger you drives and you charge them a nominal amount to archive during non-business hours (whatever those might be in this time of Covid) then send the drives back.

I don’t mean to speak for Joanne (my wife) but I believe what she does is archives daily to a raid. At the end of the job she archives to a smaller drive on a dock, sends it to the client and charges them for the drive. She has a line item in her invoice for archiving and the drive.

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I think that method makes sense. Gonna give it a try!

If I was working as a company, I’d line item $1,000 for an archive fee. If I was working for a studio as an artist, tell em how big it is and have them send drives to you and they handle the shipping.

If you’re billing hourly, get a USB 1 cable.


We used to charge $1 per gig plus the cost of a drive ($80). Most Archives cost the client about $500.

I have charged 10% extra of the charged job.

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