Sharing projects between multiple Flames (macOS) How to configure?

Hi everyone.
We are trying to access projects between our Flames in the office but we’re not having any luck in doing so. All the systems are on the same network, share the same framestore and all are running the same version of flame (2023.1).

The machines show up in the media browser under the projects tab but they aren’t showing any projects. Each machine is just blank. I’m stumped but would really like to figure this out since it’s becoming more common for us to jump between projects/help out each other. Any insight would be helpful.


Need some clarification here!

Meaning they are all connected to our central SAN.

However, each machine has their own subfolder within that.

ex: /SAN/flame-framestore/(subfolders here for each flame)

Bumping this up. Anyone have any insight on how I can get this working?

Your issue is possibly an autofs issue, but could be macOS privacy settings, CentOS/Rocky could have an nfs issue, missing export etc. You can use the troubleshooting tools available or open a case with support for resolution.

I forgot to mention that all systems are running macOS.

Unable to wire or browse remote projects between Flame workstations

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Might be a silly question but are you viewing in media hub under the projects tab


Thank you for the link @motoronlysync. I followed the steps there and it worked!! very much appreciated.


Rock and roll friend. Thanks for updating the thread :wink: