Showreel honesty

I recent found out that another flame artist is using my work in his showreel. It’s not a matter of, “also worked on the projects”. It a matter of he came in to place I left and now he has left and obviously dug into the company’s archives and pulled work that he never touched. What would be a proper way to handle such obvious deception? Love to here people’s thoughts.

I’d tread carefully, give them the benefit of the doubt, reach out and contact them professionally, and take the high road.


Absolutely, I’m just kind of surprised.

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Yeah, there might be a good reason for it. Good luck.

Maybe he put a letterbox on it :slight_smile:


This actually happened to another friend of mine last year…They just reached out to them privately and asked them why it was on their reel…That person felt embarrassed and took it off their reel, and they still maintained their friendship…So I would say just polity reach out to them privately and rather than accuse them for stealing it just ask maybe why they have it on their reel…Maybe they did some revisions on it later and they’re claiming that they did the new conform or something…You never know…But definitely good to ask.

Why you gotta blow me up on the public forum Quinn? Let’s handle this like men, on the road with our motorcycles?


Nah, don’t settle this like Men, settle this like Flame Artists…



Anytime you say, Let’s do this before your bike rusts through sitting in the garage.

Okay fine then ride your motorcycles into the sunset like we all wish we could.


Reminds me of the Cherry Coke, Diet Cherry Coke kerfluffle.

Charlex’s Cherry Coke: 1986 Cherry Coca-Cola Commercial - Charlex - YouTube

And Ceaser Video’s Diet Cherry Coke: Diet Cherry Coke 1986 Commercial - YouTube


abekas a64, Charlex at the time claimed to have invented the ‘push-wipe’.

And this is the complete sentence that the grammar police apparently need. I couldn’t just reply A-62.

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Very well may have been a 62 - I prefer to pretend that d2 never existed and that I never had the ampex composite digital keyer in a century 310.

I don’t know if I ever saw an a62, I had an a64 attached to the first flame I used to load frames vi Ethernet before the real-time video option existed.

wow - great find Tim.

Every month @ytf I change the minimum amount of characters in a reply just for you. :slight_smile:

This is the famous reply to Victor Hugo from his publisher describing the sales of his recent book. Hugo’s original letter was “?” This piece of history is brought to you by the grammar police who would not even let me paraphrase that response.

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