Silhouette - match move a single frame onto all frames?

Hey hey. So, I’ve got Silhouette Paint open. I’ve meticulously painted my patch. Awesome! I’ve tracked my bg using the Mocha Tracker. Awesome! But now when I click on Match Move and play the sequence to apply the painted frames to the background, it correctly applies all of my strokes to each frame of the sequence. How do I override that, and track only the result of my painted frames from frame 1 onto all of the subsequent frames of the sequence?

yes. I did. and it tracks well. its just tracking the paint strokes as they are applied to frames 1, 2, 3, etc. I just want to track a still.

To Auto Paint a single frame over multiple frames using tracking, please do the following.

  • Uncheck Relative and enable Source Match Move in the Clone controls prior to painting your strokes. When Relative is unchecked, the clone source is painting from a single frame defined by the value entered in the Frame field. Source Match Move allows you to apply the selected tracked layer to the clone source.

  • Select the tracked layer in the Transform pop-up menu in the Paint window.

  • Paint your strokes.

  • Select the strokes in the Auto Paint > Paint History.

  • Enable Match Move in the Auto Paint window and click the “Play Selected Events Forward icon” at the bottom of the Auto Paint window.


Tracking data from tracked layers or point trackers can be exported out of Silhouette Paint.

  • Select the tracked layer or point tracker in the Tracker > Point Tracker
  • Click Export
  • Select the export format
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