Simple Approach to Colorspace Management

Here is my short tutorial on how to mange multiple colorspaces.

(spoilers: log is the best colorspace!)


this is by far the easiest demo to follow that I have seen for color management! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

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Brilliant…exactly the kind of simple explanation i have been looking for. Thanks for posting Andy.

Is there a repository of easily accessible, useful tutorials anywhere on the great new site? If so - this should be very near the top of the list!

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Each Topic has a Category. And you can sort by Category as well. This URL will bring up every tip and trick.

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Heck you can also bookmark topics and individual replies.

This Sunday I’m going to be covering some of these on Logik live.

Hi Andy,

does the same Viewing Rules method work when in an Aces project?


Yeah, the only thing any of those projects set is the color rules, broadcast monitor and working color space, so you should be fine.

but def hit me up if you hit a snag. the whole goal with that goofy setup is to be bulletproof. Haha.

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Thanks Andy,
It threw me because i created the project in Aces, knowing i’ll be shooting in BRAW but wanted to start creating one of the graphics…and everything was looking wrong even though its all tagged correct (rec709). Seems to be working now with a view transform on the file.