Get rid of xkcd

We just upgraded Flame to v2022. After installing Logik Portal and ML TW, when starting up Flame, the browser starts automatically and shows an xkcd page.
Does anyone have an idea on how to get rid of that?
Thank you!


I have to know. What xkcd page?

You mean this?

I have a rant about it in another thread.

I can’t think of anything with the Logik Portal that would be causing this. There could be some conflict between the two scripts. I’ve heard a couple other people say they’ve had this happen. Are you getting any errors? Are both scripts working?

It’s definitely in ML timewarp, not the portal. I have the portal loaded and a few other scripts, but I narrowed it down to one of the parts of ML timewarp. I was asked to try a few things, but I haven’t had the time yet.

Yes! This one!

Every time you switch projects you get another copy on the desktop

@talosh …remember way back @ytf was talkin’ about that comic strip that poked up after running TWML? Well, looks like it might be a thing. Can you keep an eye out for it on your end? Might be something buried somewhere in the ML code.

Or its the single greatest prank of all time. :slight_smile:

Personally I love it, but I gather @ytf finds it tedious and I accept that when you’re troubleshooting ML installs it’s kind of the last thing you’ll find funny. But still. It’s funny.

I’ve also not had to deal with it myself. I’m sure my tune would change immediately if I encountered it in person.

The novelty wears off after having to delete a couple of dozen when you call up your desktop. It also makes me wonder what else might be going on that isn’t manifested in a visual form. I like to think that things I download for my flame are not infected with something, even if it is as benign as a silly comic strip.

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Yeah, this is the kind of thing that would get me strung up by our engineers if it started happening on all our systems.