So Teradici really sucks

So I spoke to the Teradici rep at NAB today. The take aways.

  1. RL9 is supposedly their highest priority, but they blame the problem on other apps, and say the issue isn’t PCoIP itself. Lame. RHEL9 was release almost 2 year ago. I just don’t understand how all software vendors still treat this as some just release beta, and not have their shit in order.

  2. They have been working on supporting 10bit for 4 years now and still haven’t been able to make it work. Super lame. The guy did admit that NiceDCV does do proper 10bit 444.

  3. They are discontinuing all Linux clients and will be focusing on Windows first and mac second. This would actually make me switch to NiceDCV. I will not maintain a fleet of Windows clients ever.

  4. They are trying to get the max FPS to 240. I asked why it, doesn’t matter at all, sometimes we barely get 24fps playback… They are trying to get into the gaming market. I fucking shit not.



Now having walked the floor and talking to reps from several different companies about a variety of products I’m interested in, all these people are fuckwits and this info this guy gave me is probably highly in-accurate.


“Aside from that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”


Did Nice mention anything about a mac server? We have some adobe seats (premiere, afx) and a mac flame (in addition to our linux stuff) and I’d be happy to give Nice a try.