You've Been Inform'd: Teradici sucks again


We’ve actually seen that in 8 as well…we constantly have to restart the service until magically it works.

a bit ot, but now that you’re running Nice DCV and (prior to this update) HP Anyware… Do you find one is distinctly superior to the other? Is there anything one can do that the other can’t?

Several other threads regarding each of these products.

I do like that Teradici is resolution agnostic. Whatever the size of your client window, that’s what it is. With NiceDCV the client resolution basically only shows the resolutions of the monitor connected to the server, but default. If you have no monitor connected, there are methods to make it resolution agnostic.

Other than that, NiceDCV seems to feel smoother, more like a direct connected experience. NiceDCV is significantly cheaper.

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Does it seem like this might be a case of Teradici just completely missing the mark mapping the monitor to the viewing area?
When I was first setting up, teradici, I ran into a number of issues where only part of the dual monitor set up would be mapped. The rest of it would be dead like you demonstrated, and sometimes it would cut off parts of the desktop you would expect to see.

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Sounds like a config issue. Teradici works great with multiple monitors and has for a long time.

Once I got it set up, it’s been great. On our inital setup though there was some kind of issue. We even had teradici support log in to sort it out. In the end, I think it was something funky in the Xorg. I can’t remember right now. I do remember it was a mapping of screens issue. I could open a window, but it would only react to one quarter or half of a screen. The odd thing was- you could drag a window into a dead zone and not be able to click on it after you let go .