SoftRaid 6 Trial Big Sur


 I recently bought an OWC enclosure Thunderbolt 3 plus 4 SSD cards. The only way I found of creating the RAID 0 was using the SoftRaid 6, the only version that works in Big Sur. 

 The problem is, this version 6 is a BETA one for 45 days only and I Don't know what to do once this trial version expires. The OWC enclosure comes with the softraid 5, but version 5 doesn't work in Big Sur.

 Does anyone know once this beta version expires I will have problems with my raid already set up? 

Thank you guys,

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It shouldn’t be a problem. I’m running multiple SoftRAID devices in production and have upgraded dozens of times on their public beta for SoftRAID 6 on Catalina and Big Sur. As has @miles as well, I believe.

Practice good disaster recovery, have your stuff in 2 places locally, and 1 backup online/offsite.

Thank you Andy…good to know…

I contacted them about this very same problem. They said that they are very regular in there beta updates. I’ve been using Big Sur and the beta soft raid for two months now no problems. Except that pop up is annoying.

So not to worry, a new update with come along before the beta runs out if time.