SoftRAIDers, how do you SoftRAID?

Anybody tried the quietly introduced RAID6 and/or RAID6+ in the SoftRAID public beta?

And, follow up, if you had x2 enclosures each with x6 8TB Iron Wolfs, how would you arrange them? I’m thinking 1 volume with RAID6+ makes sense?

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Yeah didn’t even realize the beta was needed until I tried to run SoftRAID and error pop up windows kept appearing. Then having to dig around on their website and into a forum thread to finally have what I need.
It should be noted when purchasing the raid that if running Big Sur you’ll need to go and grab the latest beta.
But it does work very well and the raid is super fast. I’m can play down 6.5k Arri RAW real time from the frame store in 2021.2.1
And the drive is only the 2TB version(the larger sizes where not available for shipping a few days ago), on a basically base MacPro with 1TB system drive, 48 gigs of ram and just the 580x graphics card for now.
So I would say the raid and softRAID are pretty damn good:)

  • will be grabbing another 48gigs from OWC and in the future getting an Vega II or Vega II duo(unless new cards are coming VERY soon -
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Ive enjoyed my experience with SoftRAID so far. I wish they were a bit more communicative with some stuff. For example, in a recent public beta…beta 48 I think? They finally brought RAID6 and RAID6+ functionality. I’ve been looking forward to that for about a year now, and, in the latest beta 52 it was missing. I look on the forums and it says somewhere, hidden, that RAID6 was only test code and shouldnt be used yet. Well, gee, thanks. :slight_smile:

On the subject of Soft Raid 6 beta, I’m running it on a new 2019 Mac Pro with an OWC Excelsior 4m2 as RAID 0.
Latest Mac OS 11.2.1 which I directly upgraded too as soon as I got the Mac a few days ago.
So far Soft Raid and the frame-store seem to be working fine with just messing around in flame. I start a job tomorrow so will give it a good run for it’s money the next week.

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