Sonoma vs big sur

I have a new macbook pro coming today, which I guess will be running sonoma, I’m planning on migrating form my old one running big sur, any issues to be aware of with flame?

Always do a fresh install. Do not migrate.

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Cheers John.

@paul_round …How is the experience of Flame on sonoma so far? Can you share your MBP specs too…would be helpful. Tx.

So far I have not been able to use it due to a backburner error message, which I will investigate this weekend.

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Sonoma is fine. Big Sur, OS 11, will no longer be supported on Flame 2025 based on this info…

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Finally got my flame working.
Rendering a 4448x3096 16bit FP, coloured noise - denoise - blur, 100fr renders in 1 minute 10seconds on my 2023 macbook, (M2max, 32G ram)
For comparison, 9 minutes 43 seconds on my 2015 macbook, (2.8|G core I7, 16G ram, Radeon M370X GPU)
Incidentally, my linux box at work took 1 minute 15 seconds.


Would you mind doing that test again on a colour noise clip 3096x4448 (vertical) :thinking: @paul_round
I am having some suspicions about the Autodesk blur node. Is the blur set to defocus or Gaussian?

defocus, and just to check, you said vertical, as in for a phone?

I get the same render time when the res is vertical, 3096x4448.

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