Sony venice resize issue

I have some material shot on the sony venic at 6054x3192.
I have been asked to output a jpeg sequence for our tracker, but flame is resizing to 6056, (albeit not stretched).
This seems to be the old width must be divisible by 4 issue.
I didn’t think this was still a thing and how come its only apparent when on certain file types?
When outputting as EXR I get the correct size of 6054.

I thought the JPEGs required to be in blocks of 4 x 4 or 8 x 8. I could be wrong.

As in, I thought the evenly divisible by four was a function of certain image sequence formats, not necessarily Flame’s deal.

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Not sure, I did check DPX and TIFF and they also resized to 6056, so I’m guessing its a flame legacy issue.

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Just tried in Nuke and it doesn’t resize.