Sorry guys, I can't do it

Remembering the bad times:

Have you ever had to say to a client that (after several hours) you can’t do what you were asked to? Too difficult or impossible.

And then went to watch “Catch Me If You Can”.


I had forgotten what a good film that was. I just watched the trailer to remind me.
Wasn’t he burying money in the ground at one point. Kind of like in American Made.

Ok I need to watch a good inspiring film tonight. Everything I have been watching recently has been depressing.


I’m so beaten I can’t manage to say “I can do it” ever.

“Should be easy” and “Looks like it’ll be tricky but I’ll try” are the only things I can ever say these days.

Frankly there’s nothing wrong with being unable to do something. Loads of the stuff we’re asked to do is impossible–actually impossible, not the PR “we do the impossible” stuff. I used to think enough time and you could accomplish anything, but now I see the time and effort curve flattening to infinity. Many things just aren’t possible.

Catch Me If You Can is a great movie.


A good Flame Artist is sometimes like a Firefighter handing out smoke detectors. Sure, we love what we do and we desperately want to save the day everyday, but we can’t do it all. And nor should we!

I feel like even giving time estimates is hard these days. My new favorite line is “I dunno, I’ve never (insert task here) on this shot before. Let me get my head wrapped around it and I’ll let you know what I know when I know.”


I was mentioning that movie in the terms of “Ïf feel like an impostor”…

Q. How long will it take you to (insert producer’s vague explanation of task here)
A. About as long as a piece of string.


To which my reply of…”twice half its length!” Always gets blank stares.

It never gets easier

I think as our skills grow, both collectively and individually, the tasks we take on grow as well, creating the feeling that we’re never improving, but I could blow the doors off of myself from 2011, skills-wise.

Then again, I had to roto a person recently and MAN was that hard. Haha.


It reminds me of a quote a cyclist used once…and I totally forget who, or what exactly what she said…but…it was something like this…

“The more I ride my bike the faster I get. But it never gets easier.”