What I show when people ask what I do for a living

My friends and family have no idea what I do until I show them this commercial…“I’m the putz with the pen.”


I show them this and say “I’m the wizard”


Oh. My. God. That is pretty epic!

I think about this video a lot for some reason. One of my favorite responses when someone gives me an impossible task is “I’m a magician not a wizard.” And then I think…well, @greg’s out there. He’s a wizard.

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In the youthful haze of one year ago, I realize now, I vastly overstated my proficiency in the dark arts.

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I don’t impress people with many descriptions, but one hit big recently. I told some people that I remove camera car reflections from car commercials.

They lit up and were so excited; it had been baffling them for a while.

I find that one works pretty good because a lot of my other descriptions are cynical statements about people fucking up on set, or clients unable to decide on something. The car reflections are an unavoidable problem that doesn’t have a villain.

Mine is easy. “I shoot Star Destroyers out of the sky”

Shameless plug :sunglasses:


Overachiever. :-).

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the last little gig i picked up was removing boom shadows off the show Survivor… yeah baby! @milanesa i think i see one on your star destroyer…

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Yeah, couldn’t get all of them. :joy:

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