Specify a looped playback range

As I understand it should be possible to set in in- and out-point in order to be able to
specify a looped playback range…

Is this as well possible directly in the timeline(on the track)? How?


Set your in point with [ and out point with ]
Press and hold the play button and a multi selection menu will roll down. Select in to out and loop. You can also play a selected segment.

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You can set an in and out point in a clip or timeline. (by pressing the hotkeys)
Then change play mode to play in out. (Press and hold the play button and choose the required loop option)

Selecting in point with [ and out point with ] and changing to “Loop” and “In to Out” (play button) works
and the newly defined range is indicated on all tracks of the timeline (with a rectangle).

But nevertheless the clip is played back form the first segment till about the middle of the last segment.
Surprisingly the option “Custom” does work (play button).

Any ideas whats going on?


If it starts 30 frames before your in and stops 30 frames after the out mark:
There is another setting that allows for preroll and postroll. Alt-F5 or alt-5 opens playback options. Not at the box so can’t say for sure. It’s in a panel on the right hand side.

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That with 30 frames makes sense to me and it’s really the case in my experiment. Thank’s for the clarification :slight_smile:

Hard to believe, but I did not find out how to remove the in point [ and out point ] …

Any ideas?


Clearing the in and out marks are space + control right and space + alt right, respectively, using smoke hotkeys.

If you are using [ and ] to mark in and out, then clearing them is Space [ and space ].