You've Been Burn'd Ep.26: Loop Me, Loop Me Not

Guest presenter Jesse Morrow goes over 2 issues with Timeline playback.

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Are you using Flame hotkeys? I don’t see this behavior with smoke hotkeys and there is a different hotkey for play ‘forward’ and ‘in to out’. With ‘forward’ it stops on the frame you stop at. With ‘in to out’ it jumps back to the frame you started from.

I would prefer it to always stop where you stop but I’ve seen this difference in the hotkeys for many years.

This is a bug and has been replicated by support - the bug IDs are:
BSPR-109773 - No Playback in enlarged view with Loop and Selection
BSPR-109774 - Clip doesn’t stop on the frame, clip starts from the beginning with Loop and Selection


The second problem (no loop around the selection) is related to the behaviour where it is not possible to select a transition or segment that is not under the positioner in the Fullscreen Player. In your video, when you enter with the second segment your positioner is parked over a cut. This is the selection propagated to the Fullscreen Player rather than the explicit segment selection so you end up looping around a cut with 0 frames of Preroll and Postroll.

The workaround is to advance the positioner by one frame within the Fullscreen Player before you start the playback.

For the first problem, the behaviour of the positioner jumping back ti its previous position or not is the same in the Timeline and Effects tab. That behaviour occurs when the Playback mode is set to something else than “Normal”. In your video you had the Player in the Timeline tab set to Selection and the Viewport in the Effect tab still set to Normal.

The problems have been fixed in Flame 2024.

This was the main reason we upgraded to 2024. Jesse is very thankful.


Thanks for fixing this Fred - the new playback is working well