You've Been Requested Ep8: Loop Current Shot


I put in a similar (but typically convoluted) request of being able to loop playback but jump to different areas/layers of the timeline without stopping playback. My desire, that would aid teaching/client viewing was to have the markers menu/list contain different playbacks that you could use a keyboard shortcut to seamlessly jump between. To add further steroids to that, I wanted to be able to jump between different timelines also, so that you could quickly demonstrate a point or principle without having to stop+start=delay.


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Hey Alan, I’m not on the box to check this right now, but I believe that if you go into “slip” mode (comma key on Smoke hotkeys) clips are always highlighted. So, when you press the next shot button, that clip should loop like you want it to.
(Copy of my reply on the YouTube comments)

Premiere has a timeline option called “Selection Follows Playhead.”
This automatically selects whichever clip the playhead is parked on.

If this were implemented in Flame, I think it would be a possible solve for your issue.
In case it’s easier to sell the devs a solution that’s already been implemented elsewhere -


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That doesn’t seem to work.

Yep you’re right. You have to go the next event, then push the asterisk key on the numeric keypad to do the highlight. Sorry. Maybe you can turn those button presses into a quick python script, then assign it to a hotkey?

I haven’t had a play with doing exactly this on the tangent panel but I do enjoy using it for jog and shuttle.

When I am doing a review I can loop a shot whilst staying in full screen mode.

I use up and down arrow to jump forward or back to the next shot. As I jump from shot to shot, the shot that I am looking at becomes selected (highlighted).

I then use the ‘set in and out on selected clip’ hotkey which is the apostrophe key (Flame hotkeys) and I have my play set to loop in to out (brackets).

This way I can review a sequence of shots with only a couple of hotkeys without leaving full screen player. When I have reviewed one shot I just jump to the next using up arrow and bracket that one.

I haven’t tried this on the tangent only but I’ll take a look on Monday.

Hey Alan,
What about looping ‘in to out’. To go to next shot just hit the down arrow, and the ‘ to mark it (flame hot keys).

Of course it still doesn’t stop where you are, so your previous video about the bad playback behavior in loop mode still gets a huge Plus 1.

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@PlaceYourBetts @SamE

Hey guys,

Thanks for the suggestions. Those things may work, but requires intervention. Imagine a VFX supervisor in a theater with just the Tanget Transport Panel… No way we are going to get them to do those procedures to loop a shot. ADSK needs to get it together and make a proper mode.

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Alan, do you have a feature request for looped playback for selected or in to out mode. Stop really should stop in the current frame…

This has been implemented in the 2024 version.

A new preference named “Start/Stop Play on Frame” located in Preferences > General > Player allows the you to dictate if you want a playback other than a normal one (ie Selection, In to Out, etc.) to start/stop where the positioner currently is.


That would make more sense to be added in the Drop Down menu withing Player itself.

It is really something you are changing often rather than a default behaviour you prefer?

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Hi Fred, My machine should have 2024 installed today. I’ll try it first! Thank you so much.

Life changing @fredwarren! You made my day.

@ALan, I do not plan to ever toggle it off, so leaving it buried in the prefs is great for me.

I love that it’s on by default. So much better!

Probably not, but we’d not think to look in preferred panel for that.

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