Spotlight blend operation

anyone knows what is the math operation behind Spotlight Blend in Blend Mode.
very helpfull blend mode, but no clear what it is doing under the hood.


I don’t know the math particularly, but I use spotlight blend all the time and I find that screen plus spotlight blend equals additive. There’s just a lot more control and nuance with the two blend modes dialed in to taste, as opposed to one add layer. Curious how you are using it?

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@GPM, thanks for your input!
I’m mainly use it for ligh wrapings. quick ex.: bluring front and comping on top in Spotlight Blend mode with a edge matte. nice quick results!

just found it!

  • Spotlight Like Multiply but with twice the brightness.
  • Spotlight Blend Same as Spotlight but also adds ambient illumination to B.

rest of operation here…

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Sweet. If it’s of any help, here’s my standard light wrap plug and play rig. crok_lightwrap x3 - blend, screen & spotlight blend. (69.7 KB)


oh yeah! this is great!!
thank you very much Greg-Paul
very handly! very appreciated!

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