Sabrent NVME..not too shabby for the price

For those looking at NVME, here’s some interesting facts.

4 of these 2TB Sabrents at $279 a piece in a Highpoint card striped RAID0 still give about 6,000MB/s read and write compared to its costlier counterpart the tried and true Samsung 970 Evo Plus at 8200MB/sec read 6800MB/s write, priced around $379.

These speeds are Blackmagic Disk Speed Test and the nvme sticks are managed through Disk Utility cuz screw Highpoint’s web gui thingy. It’s tragic.


Hi Randy,

Two questions for you about your mac build/setup.

When I built my mac pro flame out I followed your build and started with the Highpoint. I had some issues with it not recognizing a drive and ended up returning for the Sonnet. Yesterday after months of use I ran into the same issue, drive degraded/missing. Sonnet said it was hardware related so I have a new one on the way. I am using the Sabrent 2tb drives. Have you ran into this issue at all?

Second question. Are you setting the highpoint as your media storage? That is what I did. I store all my media on my pegasus and cache to the NVME as necessary. Since I lost it yesterday I had to have autodesk swap my partition to the pegasus so I could access the projects but had to relink everything. I was thinking maybe I should be setting my media storage to the Pegasus and copying whatever media I need to the NVME to pull in. The problem I see there is when rendering it will be rendering to the slower Pegasus and playback issues etc. In resolve you can set your cache location and I asked autodesk about this yesterday and it seemed like a no go. Interested how you are working it out with your system.


I have 4 of the Sabrents in a Highpoint and haven’t had the issues you’ve had. I have 2 of them, actually, one primary, one backup with infrequent use.

yes, Im using the Highpoint to cache from the Pegasus.

Delivery day, keep asking, will respond when able.

Thanks for the response. Glad to hear you are not having these issues. Don’t worry about responding today, focus on that delivery.

Maybe I have a bad Sabrent since I had issues with the Highpoint and now the Sonnet. Going to run the validation/verification on them when I get the new hardware.

What is your game plan for a meltdown of the framestore? Autodesk swapped my cache partition to my pegasus via the terminal which is beyond my skillset. Just trying to think ahead in case I run into this again.

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