Sync Linux flame machines

Working from home. I’m looking for alternatives to Teradici / Remote control the office computer.

What I’d like to try is have two identical machines… one at the office and one at home. When I work at home the changes get pushed to the office and vice versa.

What I’ve done in the past is:

  • sync media files (exact same path in both locations)
  • make a flame archive with no media and copy/paste that to the second location
  • restore archive at the second location

What I want to try is to sync the media and sync the flame database / p7 media storage. So the second location can just open flame and launch into the same desktop.

Has anyone tried this? I know there are pitfalls to handling the database and media storage outside of flame.

If I sync my p7 folder and /opt/Autodesk is that everything it would need?

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I wouldn’t get into that. That sounds like a recipe for disaster. In the last two years I’ve seen lots of remote workflows and I’m trying to think if the reason I haven’t seen that is because it’s genius or it’s scary. I’m leaning towards scary. And messing with the clip and project databases seems scary af.

If I wanted to recreate I’d do a either a Dropbox/Google Drive/Nextcloud sync and path translation and empty archives.

I hear you Randy… that was my thought but I wanted to see if anyone tried it (Hi Alan).

Another thought but I’ll have to do more research… share a shared library through VPN. Not ideal but may work.

Why? This seems all bad, with no good.

Isn’t Teradici much cheaper than buying an entire second Flame anyway? Or are there latency (but not throughput) issues that prevent remoting in?

Setup and configuration of PCoIP is what really, really matters here. It all really depends on what the sysadmins do behind the scenes. Which is better Teradici vs. HP Z vs Amulet vs whatever is entirely dependent on so many factors that it really requires a pro that knows what they are doing. I’ve successfully controlled computers on both coasts from the Midwest, I’ve also NOT successfully controlled computers from 60 miles up the road. It. All. Depends. PM me for a recco if you want to tune your existing system.

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thanks for the confirmation Alan.

I’m not a PCoIP expert and I have Cinesys working on a Teradici setup now.

But with multiple users we also have to buy/setup a broker server and apparently we need an Active Directory server. All of this is taking time and I was looking for a solution in the meantime.

I can do the archive/restore route for now.

Straight up recipe for disaster.

What you could do as a hybrid approach would be to work totally unmanaged, and sync your unmanaged project directory to a remote location. When you want to move to the machine at the remote location archive your local machine’s project as metadata only into the project, let it sync, open the synced archive on the remote location flame and restore.

If you connection is fast on both sides syncing shouldn’t be a problem but if you’re only used to working managed, it can be a bit of a curve.

This way, the only bit that will most likely be the point at which your idea will fail, crash and burn ever so horribly, gets gingerly tiptoed around.

Also the syncing can happen automatically with various cloud softwares… or using rsync with some limited scripting knowledge.

You can bypass AD/Broker Server if you use direct connect. You just need to do some mildy custom firewall rules on the office side. This is much simpler. Not sure what OS you are on, but Teradici is kind of fucked up on the latest* ADSK supported OS. We find that while Teradici has better image quality than RGS, RGS just works, and that is our solution.

Is RGS still available? The download page is broke.

I use ZCentral. I use it with an Intel NUC running centOS at home and the identical keyboard and tablet that I have at work. My monitor is not the same brand, but it is the same size and resolution. What I don’t have is broadcast picture or audio, so the usefulness is slightly limited. It’s mostly so I can take work home with me in the evening. The picture is decent, but control is almost like being there.

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