Remote working- Mac Studio

Hi all- long time lurker seeking some remote working advice.

We’re a long time user of an older Mac Pro using Amulet Hotkey boxes for remote working.

We’d like to get Flame up and running on a new Mac Studio and be able to access it remotely with as good response as possible.

The Amulet boxes are great but require dithering to be switched off by adding a kext to the system. No such kexts exist for Mac Studio graphics, so am wondering what other Flame-compatible remote working options there are.


The amulet box uses teradici right? Currently there is no teradici support for M1 at all yet, did you use on of the workstation card from teradici or the mac software host? (CAS) the dithering thing was also a linux issue with HPZ funny enough.

I think the best bet for now at least is to use parsec, its relatively cheap too.

add jumpdesktop to that for emergency access as it can deal better wirh weird networks


Hey Finn, the amulet hotkey is an external PCIP card in an external chassis that the Mac just doesn’t even know exists.

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i was thinking of the amulet thinclients.

Is the hotkey thing a device and software made by hotkey or is it a teradici card in a external enclosure? i could only find them partnering teradici.

ah ok i got it , its a teradici card in a external enclosure
like the
Amulet Hotkey DXH4.

and then you connect to it using the regular pcoip client from teradici?

Ive had nothing but issues with those workstation cards in the past and they dont support pcoip ultra

JumpDesk works pretty well for our Macs. I think you have to pay extra if you want Wacom pen sensitivity.

Yup. It is a Teradici PCoIP card, in an external chassis.

I second jumpdesk, was surprised at how good it was.

Hi !

I have a mac studio ultra with full option in my office ( work insanely well ) with a Nestor Raid M2. ( linux is probably better but harder to setup ).
I use Jump destock too and this is just perfect for flame :slight_smile: and easy to setup.

I’m using Teradici with Mac Studio (Ultra). We have LeoStream to broker connections but that is not my area of expertise.

We tested Amulet Hotkey boxes. I don’t remember the model/product exactly. When comparing to Teradici Cloud the Amulet didn’t seem worth the cost… no difference in lag or interactivity.

Finn - I think Teradici on Apple Silicon was supported starting in December. My current agent version is 22.07.1

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Is that Teradici software Host and Client, or a mixed hardware and software solution?

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My setup is all software. Host is Mac Studio Ultra. I connect to it with Windows and Mac clients.

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oh wow m1 hosting , i found a old article then from teradici well… then cheap = jump , good = teradici CAS.

Cas is actually better than the hostcard because it can do “pcoip Ultra”

Keep in mind that the Teradici hardware cards were discontinued AFAIK. There maybe some stock floating around, but their days may be counted.

We’ve had good luck with Parsec as an alternative.


Oh Parsec. Yeah we were going to give that a try this year. If we ever get a spare sec.
Just to be sure though. Before I go scrambling around for an alternative…

We all suffer from no pen sensitivity right?

There isn’t some system that I am missing that is the holly grail and gives you awesome paint ability?

I have a great time with Teradici (no hardware). All my hotkey issues have been fixed and the only thing that remains is the pen sensitivity.

If you are not getting pen sensitive with Teradici something is wrong. Although I’ve only ever used it with linux agents/clients.

We’ve had it working the entire time on linux via the aforementioned discontinued hardware boards.

Parsec does have pen support, but I haven’t tried it extensively. I drive Flame/Nuke local, but we use Parsec for a lot of other things.

No. We have pen support on both RGS and Teradici (linux).


I think I mean pen pressure.

When I paint I have less than 20% pressure I would normally be getting locally. I have to put pressure on to constant for a better effect.

Less than ideal but so far the only issue. Pen works as a point, click and drag just not a brillinat paint brush.