Teradici Settings for Rocky Linux Flame 2023.3 update

We just got a new flame box with the latest threadripper cpu. As this is not an HP box we’ve switched to teradici PCOIP over RGS.

Here is a note from our IT guy who’s been having some issues getting audio to work remotely.

"Ive also adjusted some of the settings in the pcoip-agent.conf to enable teradici ultra, and set auto switches for CPU/GPU encoding , set losses quality, and adjusted some bandwidth limits.
Full optimization may take a bit of time, but if you know any other Flame artists using Teradici, id love to know what optimizations they’re using and we can do some runs.

-Still fighting with the Audio. Passthrough for the audio is enabled in Teradici config, and PCOIP client is set registered as the default audio device for passthrough but still getting nothing. I’ll drop you an update as that goes. Good news is that audio passthrough was working in the office, so nothings broken there. "

Any and all insight is greatly appreciated!



Dude it’s the dumbest thing probably. System Audio is probably set to like -10000 or something.

You on Discord? Im around and can help you troubleshoot it.


Yeah I just double checked this on my end with a fresh Teragucci install on Rocky Linux.

With Pulse Audio selected in the Flame Setup application for your current Flame Version, your Flame Preferences Audio menu probably looks like this. Notice the -138 something dB? WTF right? Set that to something normal like 0 or -8dB and that’ll probably do it.


Awesome Randy! Just checked that and that was the case! Audio’s working now! Many Many Thanks!


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Working on a new system setup. I’m on Flame 2024 / Linux 8.7. I can’t seem to get Teradici running properly. When I login remotely via the Anywhere PCoIP Client, there’s a double cursor. Maybe that’s just a clone of my main cursor, plus a delayed remote one? Sorry, never used this before. Somehow survived the pandemic without it.

Also, can’t get audio output either. Tried using pulse output. My setup must be way off.

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Nick! What are you doing right now? I’ts almost 5 o’clock here so I could use a distraction.

Screen share on Discord?

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Jumping on…

Curious to know what people’s experience are working remotely with teradici loggin into a rocky linux flame 2023.3 update. We can’t seem to work out the kinks for seamless playback and image quality. In order to get decent playback, I have to run flame in proxy mode and really zoom down the image. It’s not an internet issue as all of those configs are set appropriate. Just curious to hear other artists experience.

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Do you have issues with your Wacom also? The sensitivity on mine just seems to have dropped out, im constantly having to dosconnect and reconnet the Wacom

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I don’t have issues with the wacom, just issues with clean consistent playback

Hit us with some details…

-Graphics Agent Version
-Software Client Version
-Screengrab of the Connection Health Status when performance ain’t great
-ping times from you to your remote box
-ping times from your remote box to you
-Copy and paste the contents your /etc/pcoip-agent/pcoip.conf file

There are sooo many people working on Teradici that the Studio Sysadmins on their Slack group would be squeaky if something larger and global was happening, so likely there is something on your end causing it to be sub optimal.

This is likely a Wacom driver problem…lemme guess…Mac 14.something? Upgrade to latest Wacom driver macOS Driver 6.4.4-5. this came out a few days ago and fixed a real shitty driver that was giving lotsa users lotsa headaches.

I found keeping the ultra setting to CPU only (not CPU and GPU as you said you have it now) resulted in both the best image and response quality. My ping time is between 15-20ms.