Syntheyes scaling in Action

Ok, learning Syntheyes over the break. Have been through both Logik videos.

I have a really good looking track in Syntheyes, a good ground plane, I can slap a box in and it looks good, but when I export to Action, and add a teapot, it’s like a godzilla sized teapot that takes over the entire screen, and linking it to an axis the Z is only like -21.0… There’s some scale data I’m missing on export from Syntheyes.

In a top down view in Action the axis are crowding real close to the camera.

Any quick tips? I’m going to keep going through manuals and tutorials in the meantime.

Scaling factor on import into action. Perhaps try a larger number? There’s also an auto scaling parameter you can use. Otherwise parent everything with an axis (including the camera) and scaling that parent axis to something that feels good.


I fooled with some “world scaling” and “scale coordinates by” in Syntheyes export and those seem to help.

Also turned off “auto fit” when bringing in teapot.

Parenting everything to an axis and scaling works great too!