Exporting FBX from Syntheyes for use in Flame?

Looking for some syntheyes help on a conundrum that I feel must have a very simple answer to something very stupid I’m doing. Generally, I export as an action from syntheyes for my flame work and it works great, just select the preset, export, and load in the action, boom camera and locators, done. However, I’m trying to get an FBX out of Syntheyes and I’m failing to get anything at all to show up at all upon importing in Action. No camera, no anything. There is no geometry in the scene, just trackers and solved camera. I did use the undistort/redistort with ST maps, but I can’t see how that would cause an issue.

Any secret tip I’m missing? The Filmbox FBX export preset has quite a lot of options, maybe I need to tick something on that isn’t? Basically, just looking to see if anyone could walk through their FBX from Syntheyes to Flame workflow, it would be massively appreciated. Thanks all!

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I’m sure this is of nearly zero help, but I just exported an old Syntheyes track as an FBX and it came into flame without issue.

I’m using what I believe to be the defaults on both ends.

Here’s a screencap of my FBX export settings:


Thanks Andy, those are the defaults I’m using as well, I’ve got to have just done something stupid but it’s very hard to track down… oh boy

Hey Britt,
File this under “unhelpful” as well, but I did this exact maneuver this very morning, fbx to action, default settings, and it worked just fine. I’m running the latest syntheyes and the latest flame, not that it matters.

Is fbx important? Would alembic or 3ds or something else work?


so literally NOTHING is coming in?

no camera, no axis nodes, no triangle “your trackers are here” geo?

Because you can untick various aspects of an FBX to import when bringing them into flame?

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AND… I am a complete idiot! I must have clicked into a no-man’s land and had ended up with “no selection” as opposed to “camera01” selected while I was trying to export. “No selection” is no bueno, “camera01” is good. And now I know, thank you though kind friends for chiming in, I very much appreciate it! image


Heh. I love syntheyes but I also fear it. There are way too many buttons that should just be labeled “click here to ruin your day.”


100% agree. Like a pop-up that said “You sure you wanna just export something that’s completely empty? You sure that’s not just gonna be a bad idea? Maybe select your camera?” would’ve been great


This is why I have a love hate relationship with SynthEyes. I love it so much. I love that it’s cheap, that it’s made by a guy at home, that it’s fast. But I struggle to take my skills to the next level with it because of this very thing. I sometimes cannot follow along with his own tutorials because I’ve secretly clicked something somewhere and I can’t select a locator or something.


I’ve only ever used Syntheyes, but this was the first time I’ve been majorly just stumped by something so silly. I’ll add, I don’t find the tutorials incredibly helpful (partly because they’re sooo long and dense most times), but I do appreciate the effort he puts into all of it! I’d say by the by, still would recommend 10/10

“I just want to know how to set up a coordinate system, why are you talking about reconstructing an airline accident?”

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*this is an actual tutorial

Haha! I know exactly the tutorial you speak of!