Tangent panel with RGS

Hi guys.
Anyone working with Tangent panel via RGS remote?
I coudn’t find any resource about this…

Not RGS.

Anyone ever get this sorted?

Why are you still using RGS. It is a dead product and will probably stop working with newer OS.

No more RGS. Teradicci now.

HP Anyware & Tangent panels:

@Slabrie are you aware of an alternative remote Mac solution that works with Tangent panels? We were considering a switch to Mac, but losing panels is probably a deal-breaker.

https://www.virtualhere.com worked well with Tangent Elements back when we yuck :face_vomiting: used Lustre and RGS.

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HP ZCentral Remote Boost

Thank you Stephane, will check it out. Missed those panels