Rgs remote performance


Looking at possibly relocating house, and wondered if there are any long distance RGS remote users here that could give me some advice or issues I should look out for?

Currently I’m 10 miles from the office with a 70mb connection and the latency is very low, so it works perfectly.

Has anyone used rgs from distances of 100+ miles? 200+?? And is it usable? I know it’s not just down to distance and varies depending on where and how your connection is routed from different servers. just after some ball park answers.

Thanks in advance

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It’s usable from Chicago to LA or Chicago to NY if the latency is good. Low is the best. But seems like 40-50 ish ms ping times is where it’s at.

Some are controlling cloud machines from hundreds/thousands of miles away. It all depends.

I’ve gotten 50ms pings from WI to Chicago, 100 miles away, over two home cable internet services.

Your mileage may vary.

I’m certainly no expert on this stuff, but I’m curious how much of an actual difference in signal travel there is between my 3/4 mile run across Chinatown and your WI to Chicago run.

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I recently tested Hawaii -> LA without issue. Also NYC->LA. The remote clients were all on Spectrum residential.

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It all depends. It always depends. Within NYC you’re probably never more than a few blocks from a major connection. I suspect that since I was between Chicago and Milkwaukee I had a decent experience. I’m getting about 80ms between Chicago and Portland over residential, one end is gigabit up and down, one end is 1000/40.

Typically, and this is purely anecdotal, decent performance follows major financial markets. The closer you are to a major financial market, the more likely you are to experience better latency to major backbones.

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I am using RGS , I’m having a few issues

1 audio drifts majorly, if I play a 30 second spot , seems audio plays about 10% slower than picture

2 wacom , cant get decent wacom pressure to work, I have bought a mini hp specifically for linux-linux rgs but at the moment the wacom is not good enough to mark up a frame to brief nuke, I know some people are doing this succesfully so trying to work out what the issue is.

3 colour, I have been doing most of the job on rgs on a mac, when i rgs via the mac or the linux the colours are very different, this might be something to do with displayport vs hdmi.

Any tips much appreciated, so far not a perfect experience.

Is the soundcard in the hp set to 48? or 44.1?

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Where do you configure that? I’m looking around in the “Phonon - KDE Control Module” and can’t find anything related to sample rate.

I don’t know, since I am not familiar with your setup, but in the flame>pref>audio, it should tell you what flavour the flame is receiving. I’m only guessing that this might be your audio issue.

whats your ping to the remote machine? I have around 20-30 ms deepending on the time of day to sweden from germany and I wouldnt call pressure useable. its too laggy.

I also have the same amount of lag with one of my ISPs to my
office like 10miles down the road. with another Isp I am getting 6ms and when I am at my mums house its below 2 ms (same isp as the office) . Also connection to sweden from office is like 14ms.

Basiclally you can never predict how things are beign routed, you can check it with a traceroute but it can change daily or even hourly, without buying a very expensive mpls or something connection you will never have guranteed runtimes, usually closer location is better of course but you could still get routed from detroit to nyc to chicago… ny connection goes from hamburg to frankfurt back to hamburg because the 2 isps dont have local peering

Doesn’t rgs switch audio to 44.1? Hence 10% off?

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That used to I thought but then there was a software update that fixed it to 48 right?

Ah cool, didn’t know about that.

I think there’s info in here for ya.

Fantastic, thanks Randy. Sent to engineering :slight_smile:

There is an update to RGS that has the patch rolled in. Been out for awhile.

@richardamckeand did you and your team have any luck with this?
i’m hearing it’s hit or miss and am currently in the miss camp myself.

default at 44.1kHz we get out-of-sync audio, as expected. After running the config script to switch to 48kHz (and a reboot) we don’t get any audio at all

at this point i’m just keen to know if anyone can verify that it does work!

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@ALan has had success me thinks.

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Running RGS daily, with audio, no issues.


thanks @cnoellert