Tangent Virtual Panel - Bonus Use

This is a follow-up to a discussion on the Logik Discord.

I had mentioned how you can use your iPad as a virtual Tagent panel if you don’t have a physical panel, or would like to augment your panel with an extra unit.

Today I found another useful use… Remote control.

My Linux Flame is in another room with the large 6 part Tangent Elements. However, sometimes I just remote into that Flame via VNC from my MacStudio for convenience. But that meant not being able to use the Tangent controls.

Well, if you have the iPad app, you pair it and then remotely control the panel from another room. You have to be on WiFi (or tunnel it). But now when I’m on my MacStudio and want to do something quick on the Linux Flame, I can still use the panel.


Bonus points for a walk through.
Happy Sunday brother.

Install the iPad Vs app from Tangent on an iPad. It’s $8 on the App Store.

In the Tangent Mapper define your panel config (for virtual panel if needed). Then in Tangent Mapper in the same screen start pairing and the app should show you a popup. Accept pairing, and off you go.

Photo: iPad in front MacStudio with Mf panel active.


i wish they would me the BM panels be compatible with flame.

i do t quiet undertsand the software lock-in as BM is a hardware company after all oO anyhow.

Their new micro panel has bluetooth :smiley:

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