Technical Question - Is it possible to configure where Flame renders batch cache to?

Hi guys,

I start running out of space whenever I render batch cache in my setups.

I’ve configured my local SSD as my media storage. Its a measly 500gb and it fills up pretty quickly when I cache parts of my larger batch setups.

Is there a way to configure Flame to render the batch cache to a different path, like an external drive?

I’m bit clueless as in where to begin. Xorg? Flame Setup Utility or if its even possible?

Thank you for any tips and insights!

from the Flame Setup app, there’s Media Storage options:

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Another option could be to use the write node to write out to an external SSD location and only softimport those external renders back into Flame. If only softimported they shouldn’t fill up your local disk.

The option from the Flame Setup menu should be per project, the write node option is more shot specific.

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Thanks Peter!

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It’s crazy to me that the cache goes to the setup directory instead of the framestore. I love the idea of cacheing, but the implementation in flame is stupid.
If f you figure out how to direct it to another location, please let me know.

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At the time of creating a project it is possible to specify where the project is created, including external disks:

“Setup Directory box”

Specify a custom directory for the project, or select another project’s directory to share its setups. By default it is set to /opt/Autodesk/project/[Project Name]/, and can be changed. Default setups are copied from /opt/Autodesk/presets/[Version of the application]/cfg/[operating system]/template. Click to share setups with an existing project.