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I’m going to ask a controversial question as I see it asked a lot whenever a new version of flame comes out.
“When’s the text module getting updated?”
From someone who’s worked extensively in Avid and DS I find the Flame text module to be fantastic, yes it’s 2D but just wondering what people would want to change about it?

I haven’t used After Effects for over a decade, what makes their text editor so special?
I’m not having a dig at those that want the change to happen I’m just very curious as I see it mentioned a lot.

it just kinda works like a text tool from the 2000s… Yea avids text editor is also stuck in 1995. ugh…

Nuke also doesnt have a nice text editor …

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New Text Module

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There is no plan to update the Text module in the short term. We are well aware of the request and will still consider it for the medium/long term.

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I thought the idea was that the text module was and would remain a legacy tool (like Fred told me the Automatte one was once in reply to some function I suggested got added) and that it made more sense to continue building functions into Action to make it more text-module replenished? I saw interesting conversation on the basis of a text parallel to Image, whereby there’d be an Action replication but which had text elements in and did away with other elements that might distract/detract from that function. Text and motion graphics need to be take more seriously and Action would make a very good environment if “taylored” for that *text*uality?


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The thing that makes After Effects based type so great is the Adobe type engine. Since Adobe owns the PostScript patents, their focus on type is rooted in the core of the company - and all their type tools reflect this. It’s more than just the UI, type behaves like you’re word processing and designing at the same time. If you want more control, jump into Illustrator and you have granular control of the curves of every letterform. If you need it animated, the control over EVERY parameter is within easy reach.

If type is involved in a project, I’ll ask for it to come from an Adobe product. If there were some way to use those tools inside Flame (OFX?)… nirvana. Otherwise, this is the way.

Just use AE if you have complicated text animation to do. Flame’s Text is so far behind at this point that the ship has well and truly sailed. Now particles, OTOH…