Thanks for the delivery Logik!

Parcel arrived from overseas…It’s a face mask + phone battery from Logik! Nice!

Here’s me in my Flame bunker modelling the mask, as requested

Of course, I wear it when I’m working alone😆




Ooh! Nice face warmer!!!

Love it!!!

And thanks for mine too!

Here’s me in my WFH setup. The beach image on the screen is my local beach 10 minutes away.

And no judging on the vertical reels. Just going down memory lane when I used Henry. haha

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Yes!!! It finally got there!!

I got mine a couple days ago as well!!!

Thanks all! Also @andymilkis , you live so close to my girlfriends parents that next time I’m up there I’m just gonna scream suggestions out the window for logik live subjects and assume you hear them.


Hahahaha! Deal!!


Thanks for sending Andy!

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Ooh maroubra! I grew up there! Noice!!! Great setup dude!

Really? Good greek name. Where are you now?

yes! haha, im in LA these days. I grew up on Moverly Road. Great to see another flame artist in my hood!

Mine too!
Daaaammmnnnn its sexy

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Mine too! I made it my profile pic on here but I don’t think I actually thanked you, Andy. Thank you Andy!

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