The intro to Game 5 of the 1991 NBA Finals, upscaled to 4K by a neural network

I mean there is some serious blobbiness in the backgrounds, but not bad!

I’ve used Topaz Lab’s Video Enhance AI in production and I’m so impressed by what it does.

Would be interesting to know what their source was for the upscale, probably something close to a master as it looks very clean. I think a some of the artifacts are because the 1991 source would be interlaced composite NTSC – chroma crawl along the edges of graphics was always awful back then.

BTW, what could have been the design discussion that lead to this typeface selection?

Forgot to add… the single shots of the athletes walking to their dressing rooms and the anchor closeups of Mike Fratello, other than their 4:3 aspect ratio, look nearly like they were shot yesterday.