Today I found out…

…that NHK is producing the Olympics in 8K, and NBC is taking HD streams of it and upconverting them to 4K and that’s pretty much what’s wrong with everything.


In Bangkok one year we watched tennis at the pub on a HD plasma. It was being fed from a 4x3 pal transmission that had been arc’d at the station to 16x9 with the top and bottom cut off.

It was great for me as I don’t like tennis and I really enjoyed watchibg the people who cared rant about how all we saw was a head at the bottom of the screen, a net, and legs at the top of the screen for the entire week.

What was even better was that the score lower third was cropped too so they couldn’t even tell who was winning from that and the narration was in Thai so most of us had no clue:)


all my tv masters are xdcam422 … 1080i50 but yes its all shot on 4.5 k alexa lf or more… nothing makes sense

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That’s just genius!

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