Workflow for All 29.97 footage

Hi all,
I am new to the community. Very excited to be here. What an awesome resource.

I have been asked to work on a spot that consists almost entirely of broadcast sports in-game footage. The in-game broadcast footage is 29.97 DF (F1) and is clearly interlaced. The replay footage, broadcast opens, team/player montages, ect. is 29.97 NDF (F1) and does not appear to be interlaced (though if it is showing F1 I’m guessing it must be). The spot is currently being edited in a 29.97p project. The spot is supposed to finish at 720p/59.94 for ESPN, but I believe it is going through Extreme Reach. I was planning to work in a 29.97p Flame project, deinterlace or field merge all the footage, then do any cleanup and conform the spot in a 29.97p timeline. Will I be able to export 720p/59.94 Master using this workflow and if so what would that entail? I am hoping to avoid working at 23.98 because I will have to timewarp all the shots, but of course at the end of the day I will do whatever makes the most sense.
Thanks so much for any advice!


I would finish the spot at 29.97 1920x1080 Progressive which seems to be what you are doing, then at the end of the job, reformat to 720P. to ship to ER.


Use 2 connected sequences, one in your delivery fps and one with the 29… you are working with. All of the footage deinterlaced if needed. In that way you can check, how it will play later. Even in faster fps, having doubled frames can be very uncomfortable to watch, so you will notice rly fast, if a shot will work or if you would need to switch to TW’s/halfed fps. When having audio, this will also not create you some enemies.

Keep in mind when watching via the broadcast monitor, that you need and lock the timing of the monitor in the preferences, every time you are switching your fps timeline.

Thanks all for the advice!