This Sunday @ 2pm ET: It's the Logik Live Halloween Show!

We’re baaaaaaaack! It’s The Halloween Show! What would Halloween be without some excellent horror & gore VFX! I’m going to break down a few shots that I have done for horror and action movies. Join me and my co-host Jeff Kyle this Sunday, 10/30 at 2pm ET.

And speaking of action - ActionVFX has offered up a $250 credit towards everything on their site! I’ll be giving that away to one lucky viewer - BUT YOU HAVE TO BE THERE LIVE TO WIN! To If you’d like a chance to win you need to register ahead of time at

We’ll go over some more VFX breakdowns after the show in our exclusive Q&A for our Patreon patrons. If you’d like to support what we are doing with Logik for as little as $5/mo become a patron at

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Hope you both will be wearing scary masks for this.




Please excuse Charles from today’s class as he is pens down during the daylight hours of this beautiful day.