This Sunday - RENDERDOME 3: The Conform Battle!


Two Flame Artists will enter but only one will leave…victorious! It’s the return of Renderdome! This Sunday, July 17th @ 2pm ET. Our contestants are Bernd Hildebrandt from Hamburg, Germany and Bryan Bayley from Dallas, TX, USA. The theme for this battle: Conforming, aka, putting edits together! The contestants will be given the same material and 1 hour to complete the task. The winner will take home a 16" Wacom Cintiq tablet, courtesy of Wacom.

Joining me as hosts will be @ace_elliott and @Jeff. You do not want to miss this!

a HUGE thank you to from Boris FX for hosting another Renderdome!

We’re LIVE on Sunday, July 17th at 2pm ET.

After the show, we are going to do an exclusive Q&A for our Patreon Patrons. If you’d like to support what we are doing at Logik for as little as $5/mo and get access to some great exclusive content, sign up today at


AHHHHHHH Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

We’re 30 minutes from showtime!! See y’all on YouTube!


Is there a way to see the chat feed on this video?

Hey John,

It’s enabled, but the video for today is stuck in the YouTube processing queue. Hopefully it’ll turn on soon!

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The chat stream is available. Watch at your peril.


The Cintiq finally arrived in Germany.

Thanks so much @andymilkis and everyone involved. Will test and crash every feature the next weeks to see if a cintiq is faster and better in flame than the intuos.


:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: